Water Damage Restoration & Cleanup Services

Are you in the market for prompt, comprehensive, water cleanup and damage repair services in northern Michigan? Don’t waste precious time coordinating between several different companies; instead, look to DPR Services. Our wide range of services and strategies ensure high-quality care to any water damage cleanup project. Irrespective of size or spectrum, the DPR team will take all the necessary steps in to ensure your water damage repairs and restorations are handled efficiently, and with the utmost care.We work to ensure your property is taken care of by working with all insurance carriers and providing feedback to ensure each job is properly preformed to the industry standard.

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Excellent fire damage restoration service is just a phone call away with Disaster Property Restoration. We are a dedicated emergency fire restoration company offering unparalleled service in northeastern Michigan. In addition to our experience and expertise, our employees are dedicated to providing the type of customer service that our customers deserve. From clean up to fire damage restoration, we’re committed to supplying our Michigan clients with dependable, effective, and thorough services. Time is one very critical part of the process, get an inspection of one of our certified project managers to assist you with any soot or fire damage you have experienced.

Mold Remediation

Mold removal is something no home or business owner wants to deal with. With our employees on the job, there isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to mold cleanup. At Disaster Property Restoration, our staff has the experience and skill necessary to render both standard and black mold removal effectively and efficiently so that your home and business owners don’t have to worry. We are here for anyone in the northeastern Michigan area; so, don’t hesitate to call us.


What Happens Next?

Mitigating or mitigation activities are common terms you will hear us, and others refer to throughout the insurance industry. Mitigation simply means to lessen or reduce the damage caused by the exposure of your property to the damage-causing elements (fire, water, vehicle impacts, tree impacts, etc.) If you review your insurance policy carefully, you’ll often find specific wording regarding your responsibility to do as much as possible to prevent damage and reduce the property’s exposure to additional harm..

Answer: Insurance companies can typically refer you to a list of contractors that they have experience with, or are preferred vendors on their programs. We are a member of a number of the local programs that are supported by your insurance carrier, and likely we have worked with your carrier before. We’re glad to work with any insurance company, or with you. It’s our hope that something like the event you’re experiencing happens to you only this one time- so we have this one opportunity to get it right for you. We will likely work with your insurance company hundreds of times, so we want to keep the experience for you excellent today, and excellent for them for years to come!

Answers: Disaster Property Restoration can be your guide through this process. While each property is different, we usually recommend an Industrial Hygienist “IH” be enlisted to help us track the source of the issue, and provide “air clearance tests” for you when we’re done with our cleaning process. We recommend a site inspection by one of our experts who can guide you through the process. Immediately we recommend that you keep those with compromised immune systems (the young, or the elderly, or those with known respiratory issues) away from the affected area. Try to eliminate air movement in that area to avoid contaminating other areas. Call Disaster Property Restoration as soon as you discover these issues, and schedule a visit with us so we can better assist you with this process.